Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Adventures in Carolina

Hello quaint little Carolina Beach Boardwalk - This is like the movies!
Yes this is a Mermaid Tail - If it weren't child sized I would have been tempted to purchase one for myself. What would I do with it you ask.. I don't know but I would be mermaid like so it wouldn't matter too much!
This is my ideal Mermaid self.
This is painted on the bathroom door at Michael's Seafood - All the locals recommended this seafood to us. It was pretty delish. Below are Shrimp & Grits - Yes I didn't know before I moved here either, but it's a thing... a good good thing. Anyway if you have a Harris Teeter - go get yourself some frozen clam chowder from this Michael. It is delish and nutrish.
If you don't know what Harris Teeter is.. you might be from Texas.
Glamour shot by the 60's pool!

As bad as it looks, it was available and clean! The Carolinian circa 1962 - We are such hipsters.
We zipped through the trees of Fayetteville with Zip Quest. I am tellin' ya - it was fABulOUs! The only bad part was the gloves ekk! 

Me and my pretty Mommy enjoying Wrightsville Beach!
And Last but certainly not LEasT
And Dough Nuts!!!! @ Britt's -- I totally see what the fuss is all about.
Look at Bam sportin' that little $5.99 hat - She so cute! 
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