Friday, July 26, 2013

Johnny WAS

This is my Johnny Was dress.. try not to obsess! I have loved this brand for a long time - I have always been scared off by the price tag though. As I am sure you have gathered... I like good deals! Sorry I'm not sorry for posting the tag pic below!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Got a Mint?

This was a very throw and go outfit that I wasn't quite sure about, but I think it turned out cute!I loved this tank from Old Navy - super cheap too! I like the way the brass accents and mint green turned out! It's kind of fresh. freshy fresh

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Tall Tales of Texas

So my trip home to Texas was a rough one, to say the least. Every time I turned around I "Chloe-ing" something up. Let's get a definition of that - Pulling a stunt that is totally justifiable from my point of view and then gracefully finagling the incident enough to barely charm my way through it. There is no shame in my game!

So for example I flew out of the small Fayetteville Regional Airport, I was so pleased with myself for not over-packing-- I mean I didn't even have to unzip the top part of my suitcase ( I leave that for coming home)! I have mastered packing for back and forth travel - always take something to give - then you have room in the suitcase for everything you buy! (something only a shopaholic would say). I ended up with my big check bag and then a carryon that I flippin' love because it has four wheels. When the hubs and I travel together, which is about as rare as me passing up a sale, we fight over who gets that one (he ends up totin' my bags anyway).

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Birchbox July

So I have been a Birchboxer for about 5 months and I am slightly impressed. I always get a couple things I really Like and consider buying, but so far- I haven't ran out of anything that I just had to have and replaced.
I decided to instagram my box this month and then searched #birchbox--- BIG MISTAKE!
I am getting jipped! Obviously some customers are more valuable than others! This one girl's box was so stuffed she couldn't have fit anything else in there.
Then I run across all these hardcore ipsy vs. birchbox people and let me tell ya- IPSY knows their stuff. I think IPSY looked like it had bigger sizes of samples. More brands I recognize too. Which may not be the best thing considering I have the BB so I can try new products/brands etc.

Instain-The Balm-Swiss Dot// Love the blush! it's just a tiny little sample but a little goes a long way.
DDF -Acne Control Treatment// I have been sold on Murad Acne Treatment Gel
But so far I am impressed with this- If it continues to clear up my face I will purchase! It's more of a lotion than a gel. My face was clearer in one use.
Ceramidin - Dr. Jart// This was reccommended by the ladies from Suits. I used it last night and my skin looked ready to go this morning! I normally have dry patches and they seemed to be lessened today! I like it I like it a lot!
Curl Keeper// Haven't used this yet, but I'm sure it does about the same thing all these curl products do. I will update when I use it!
Bobby Pins// Not too crazy about bobby pins showing in my hair- I will try a style with them though when I wear something that complements the blue!
This is with Swiss Dot and DDF and Ceramidin
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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Hi-Lo Heaven

So I had to do a beach trip look, and had to bust out an OOTD post while I was in TeXaS! My Mother took these photos of me! She was saying - Now go over there by that tree - Now go stand on the porch and pick up this plant - hilarious! Everyone should have their picture made with Bam! However she has made leaps and bounds since she has been known to cut heads off in the past.. those were dark times.

Everytime I wear this dress I get tons of compliments and feel like a comfortable fashionista. It's comfortable and flirty, but totally easy to accessorize and dress up! This is Hi-Lo heaven because it's simple but makes a statement- and I'm in my favorite place HOME
If you can't tell I also got my hair redone - (redone? word?) much better if I do say so myself!
My stylist at home did it.. it's more of a beauty shop than a salon (think Steel Magnolias) but she is the best colorist I have ever been to- which is not really saying a whole lot. but her jack She knows her stuff!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Blue Jean Baby

Blue Jean Baby L.A. Lady
I bought this dress at Target supercheap because it was an online return! I have been dying to wear it but haven't yet because I was hesitant to wear denim to work! But I got tons of compliments.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Follow your Arrow!

Hello Lovlies! I am back in the land of the living! So much has been going on in my little world -- but I wouldn't have it any other way. So sad coming from a big vacation and having to get back to the daily grind, but I sure am glad I have this lil' ol' blog to keep me afloat!
I have to add my vacation posts and within the next week- Lots of big milestones for my family! My sister had a fabulous wedding and my Husband made a huge accomplishment of becoming a Green Beret!I also went on a beach vacation - just in Texas don't be too jealous!
I got these pants on my trip home! I think these pants are a little Indian Arrow inspired--- I went to see Lone Ranger last night and have had the song "Follow your Arrow", Kacey Musgraves stuck in my brain! If you haven't listened to her - I highly recommend listening to her PANDORA station!
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