Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Hi-Lo Heaven

So I had to do a beach trip look, and had to bust out an OOTD post while I was in TeXaS! My Mother took these photos of me! She was saying - Now go over there by that tree - Now go stand on the porch and pick up this plant - hilarious! Everyone should have their picture made with Bam! However she has made leaps and bounds since she has been known to cut heads off in the past.. those were dark times.

Everytime I wear this dress I get tons of compliments and feel like a comfortable fashionista. It's comfortable and flirty, but totally easy to accessorize and dress up! This is Hi-Lo heaven because it's simple but makes a statement- and I'm in my favorite place HOME
If you can't tell I also got my hair redone - (redone? word?) much better if I do say so myself!
My stylist at home did it.. it's more of a beauty shop than a salon (think Steel Magnolias) but she is the best colorist I have ever been to- which is not really saying a whole lot. but her jack She knows her stuff!

Dress Forever21 $17 // YellowBox Shoes (stole them from my Mom)
Jewels Premier Jewelry (stole them from my Mom)
I am totally obsessed with the necklace.
She gave me the shoes but she didn't offer the jewelry - no wonder!


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