Thursday, July 18, 2013

Birchbox July

So I have been a Birchboxer for about 5 months and I am slightly impressed. I always get a couple things I really Like and consider buying, but so far- I haven't ran out of anything that I just had to have and replaced.
I decided to instagram my box this month and then searched #birchbox--- BIG MISTAKE!
I am getting jipped! Obviously some customers are more valuable than others! This one girl's box was so stuffed she couldn't have fit anything else in there.
Then I run across all these hardcore ipsy vs. birchbox people and let me tell ya- IPSY knows their stuff. I think IPSY looked like it had bigger sizes of samples. More brands I recognize too. Which may not be the best thing considering I have the BB so I can try new products/brands etc.

Instain-The Balm-Swiss Dot// Love the blush! it's just a tiny little sample but a little goes a long way.
DDF -Acne Control Treatment// I have been sold on Murad Acne Treatment Gel
But so far I am impressed with this- If it continues to clear up my face I will purchase! It's more of a lotion than a gel. My face was clearer in one use.
Ceramidin - Dr. Jart// This was reccommended by the ladies from Suits. I used it last night and my skin looked ready to go this morning! I normally have dry patches and they seemed to be lessened today! I like it I like it a lot!
Curl Keeper// Haven't used this yet, but I'm sure it does about the same thing all these curl products do. I will update when I use it!
Bobby Pins// Not too crazy about bobby pins showing in my hair- I will try a style with them though when I wear something that complements the blue!
This is with Swiss Dot and DDF and Ceramidin
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