Meet Chloe

Howdy fabulous followers! I'm just tickled that you are here. Gaudyssey (gaudy + odyssey) is my spirited blog of style and story. Bloggin' is my outlet and my challenge for creativity and documentation of craziness that comes with being me!


I am a East Texas Girl trying to make it in a North Carolina World.


If you have any questions, comments, concerns, (complaints keep them to yourself) for me please feel free to contact me via email or comment!

I have been married over year now to my best friend and it has been a blast. Although we miss our Texans, being across the country has made for a strong foundation for our marriage. 

  Rawley and I met at the best university in Texas, Texas A&M University, Fighting Texas Aggie Class of 2012! Whoop! We were dance partners in a country-western dance kinesiology class. One of our favorite things to do on the weekend is go dancing (two steppin' of course).
My sweet hubbs and me!

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