Thursday, September 5, 2013

Wild West Texas

Took a little trip to West Texas, or "God's Country" as the hubby would say! It really is beautiful, if you like flat, dusty and hot. Oh you know I'm just kidding - One night we sat outside for 2 hours just looking up at the stars and it is truly amazing how much you can see. On clear days, you can see the Davis Mountains outlined on the horizon over two hours away! We just extended the Labor Day Weekend and flew out. We have a lot of big things coming our way and it was a nice change of pace - even if 1/3 of the trip was traveling.  This is the real Ranch Life! I only took a carry on so the attire was limited, and it was HOT! Enjoy!

Fun with my fav Sister in Law
Mama and her Calf 
Buffet Cooling Off 
It wouldn't be West Texas without a windmill! 
The dark horse is Dandy and the lighter one sticking out his tongue is Jr. He is the ring leader. Those things in the background are Mesquite Bushes!
!!!Yee HAW!!!
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