Thursday, May 9, 2013

Product Review: Ample Amber

I purchased this Ample Amber Chubby Stick from Clinique in Belk for $16!
First of all a little background, My sister is a Clinique Counter Manager at a Belk in Texas. So everything I purchase there usually requires her approval or her recommendation. I like to play with different products, but for Clinique, Estee Lauder and Lancome - I usually take her advice.
So anyway, I'm thinking I'm doing so good going to get my lotion... then the Clinique girl is like "Oh by the way if you spend $50 you get a free full-size Moisture Surge" - Me being me I cannot pass this deal up for another like $6. So I was like ok I'll try this eye chubby stick because I love the Chubby Lips. As soon as I tell Chelsea she is like "Oh, I hate those!" (typical comment)
I decided, maybe she doesn't know everything she thinks she does and I tried it... I would recommend the product.
The Ample Amber color is nice- the stick is easy to apply and it blends really well. I would not wear this color all over my lid, because it would make my lids look mostly peachy-pink! It is great to use if you like to blend your shadows though.  
So take that Sister Sue! (That's the term that my sister and mom use when we are talking about one of us to the other one.)

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