Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Harem or Parachute?

Is it Monday or is it Tuesday I have been confused all day. Oh well it was totally worth the confusion to be spoiled with a three day weekend! Now for the real dilemma Are these fun trendy pants Harem Pants or Parachute Pants??


Platforms: Target Buy Here $20 in store
Bracelets: black & gold enamel - gift / Skull Heads
So if you like me were not around in the 80's and need a bit of clarification on this trend I hate to LOVE... Here is what my research has yielded.
Harem Pants: A style of pant which has a long crotch and wide ballooning legs. Traditionally they are tight only at the ankle and made in lightweigh fabrics. Info Source
Parachute Pants: Are a modified version of a harem pant. They have a low crotch, but instead of the leg staying the same width all the way down, they begin to taper at the knee, becoming narrow at the ankle.Info Source

Other Options:
So are these 80's throwbacks the same pants with a different name - YOU DECIDE!
Leave me a comment with your thoughts on this riveting topic!
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