Friday, April 19, 2013

But I'm a 936 Girl!

So I went home to visit my Texans. I was fortunate enough to get to spend quality time with some friends.. you know the kind that say things you would make you want to punch someone else, only when they say it you're actually thankful and think oh I have missed their face and snide comments! Moving on, in the midst of a BATHROOM REALITY CHECK - this is what I call a conversation in the bathroom (those are the juiciest because 1. you love the person enough you don't care if they follow you to the bathroom and 2. it was juicy enough for them to follow you into the bathroom.)  I think we were discussing some small town cheating scandal...  Anyway, Som picked up my ancient, 2 year old lg cell, and said really Clo its time to get a new phone.

That however is not even where my troubles began... My hubby decided we needed to be a marital unit and get our own phone plan. I had a sneaky suspicion from the start that these cellular companies would find a way to bamboozle us around and make you get all the latest greatest gadgets. So after much we finally decided on a carrier and to get on our own plan, I was so excited to get my new phone and be rid of my dinosaur.

I had already talked to this sales rep and she explained that even though we are from opposite ends of Texas we would be in the same market so our two numbers could be on a plan together.

So then she is activating our new phones and I am so relieved this mess is about to be over. Then she says, I'll be right back! That's when I knew... someone was going to have to change their phone number. She comes back and says Oh actually Texas has three markets and he is in the West Texas Market and you're in the Dallas Market. blah blah blah some damn excuse that I didn't care about.

So then I am sitting there about to cry because I have to change my phone number that I have had since birth (ok maybe not that long) and I don't have time to mull it over, and make it as dramatic as I would like (I love to do this with every decision).

I did get a number with the same first six digits as my husband - So we have like little married numbers.

The whole time this was happening all I wanted to do was exclaim, BUT I'M A 936 GIRL! And throw my phone into the ocean over a beautiful cliff, wearing something fabulous! Carrie vibes from Sex in the City!

But if I got to chunk my phone into a beautiful ocean on vacation only at the expense of changing my cell number - Then I wouldn't have minded changing it in the least!

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